populations have
unique needs.

Complex care coordination. Tiered pricing. Atypical enrollment processes. These are just a few of the challenges unique populations, such as students, hospital and health systems, Taft-Hartley plans, unions, and correctional facilities, may present. The good news is they’re also a few of AmeriHealth Administrators’ strengths. With our ability to customize our support, we can offer solutions as unique as the populations we serve.

Student Health Insurance Expertise

Today’s student populations require more specialized services than ever before. They need care coordinated between on- and off-campus providers, an international network for traveling abroad, mobile tools, and unprecedented access to information. They expect more from customer service and often need additional guidance in making personal health care decisions.

Student Health
Insurance Offerings

Serving today’s student population requires more than a large provider network. It requires an understanding of the issues facing the students and the school, and providing the specialized resources to support both. Insurers interested in getting into the student market often find themselves in need of someone with the knowledge, infrastructure, and trained teams to not only offer targeted capabilities but also sound guidance. AmeriHealth Administrators provides our clients with a full suite of student-specific services.

Student-focused Plan Design

We help insurers design their student health plans to satisfy the requirements of three groups: the students, the school, and the insurer.

Care Coordination

Our understanding of student and university needs allows us to help coordinate care with student health centers.


Mental & Behavioral Health

Providing students access to mental and behavioral health resources can be a valuable asset to the students and school administrators.

Study Abroad

When spending a semester abroad, students should have the security of knowing they have access to proper medical care.

Online Enrollment & Waiver Process

Our automated online tools help make the enrollment and hard waiver process easy for the student and for the school.

Administrative Efficiencies

AmeriHealth Administrators’ turnkey program helps remove the barriers to entering the market quickly and efficiently.

Student Health Fact Sheet

Understanding students is a key component to successfully serving schools.

Compliance Updates 

We know how critical it is to stay on top of the latest compliance news. That's why we help make it easy for you.

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Connecting tomorrow with today

We reimagined our entire technology engine to better serve clients. This technology allows us to offer more comprehensive client services, enhanced interoperability, and improved health data management. What’s that mean to you? More options.

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The future of customer service is here

Success for customer service in the health care industry is often measured by the brevity of the call. At AmeriHealth Administrators, our customer experience advocates are measured by one thing: How helpful they are.

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Looking for special expertise?
Whether it’s students or any population that presents a unique set of challenges, AmeriHealth Administrators is poised to help you design the best programs possible. We listen, anticipate, and customize our approach to fit your specific needs – every time. 1-800-984-5933 | sales@ahatpa.com

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