populations have
unique needs.

Complex care coordination. Tiered pricing. Atypical enrollment processes. These are just a few of the challenges unique populations, such as hospital and health systems, Taft-Hartley plans, unions, and correctional facilities, may present. The good news is they’re also a few of AmeriHealth Administrators’ strengths. With our ability to customize our support, we can offer solutions as unique as the populations we serve.

Correctional Health Care Expertise

Inmate populations are growing, budgets are tight, and regulatory constraints continue to present challenges. Yet somehow correctional institutions must simultaneously stem rising health care costs and continue to provide inmates access to high-quality care. Providing inmates with access to care outside a correctional institution requires specialized knowledge, flexibility in approach, and out-of-the-box thinking. Fortunately, AmeriHealth Administrators offers all three.

Health Care Offerings

By leveraging relationships with the provider community and a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the challenges and nuances of offering inmates access to offsite medical care – all advantages to help make your job easier.

Custom Plan Design

The industry is unique. The population is unique. And the approach should match. Let us help you design a plan that works for your facility.

Stop Loss

With budgets strained already, Stop Loss insurance can help protect you against high-dollar claims.

Care Coordination

We coordinate external care with the facility’s corrections health management company. It’s a collaborative relationship to ensure the patient receives the best quality of care.

Clinical Services

Our staff of registered nurses and case managers can help with inpatient concurrent review and discharge planning to help you get the best value for your health care dollar.

Claims Administration & Fraud Protection

In addition to paying claims efficiently, we offer fraud prevention safeguards to help identify duplicate claims, up-coding, unbundling, and incompatible codes.

Cost-management Strategies

We use sophisticated data analytics to measure the effectiveness of programs to help pinpoint potential cost savings.

White PaperThe Challenge of Correctional Health Care: Balancing cost with quality of care

This white paper explores some of the options that may help correctional facilities stabilize or reduce health care costs while continuing to deliver high-quality care to their inmate populations.

Case StudyCorrectional health care: A collaborative approach to accessing cost-effective care

Correctional facilities often face unique challenges when providing health care for inmates. The facilities are generally legally obligated to deliver appropriate care while managing the overall cost, which demands creative solutions.

Connecting tomorrow with today

We reimagined our entire technology engine to better serve clients. This technology allows us to offer more comprehensive client services, enhanced interoperability, and improved health data management. What’s that mean to you? More options.

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The future of customer service is here

Success for customer service in the health care industry is often measured by the brevity of the call. At AmeriHealth Administrators, our customer experience advocates are measured by one thing: How helpful they are.

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Looking for corrections expertise?
AmeriHealth Administrators can work directly with corrections health management companies, government officials, wardens, and prison medical directors to help provide inmates access to external medical care as well as efficient administration and fraud protection services. Arrange a complimentary consultation. 1-800-984-5933 | sales@ahatpa.com

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