Turning health care change into health care opportunity.

The speed of change in the health care industry requires health insurers and payers to be more flexible, progressive, and responsive than ever before. At AmeriHealth Administrators, we have the people, processes, and technology to help you succeed.

We are uniquely qualified to offer health insurers, payers, health systems, and third-party administrators a full spectrum of business process outsourcing services. So instead of simply helping you navigate change, we can help you capitalize on it.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our dedicated teams, empowered by technology, bring together different sectors of the health care landscape. We leverage data and our expertise to help you enter new market sectors, administer complex plan designs, and gain efficiencies through our processes — all while constantly improving the customer experience.

With our business process outsourcing services, we help you benefit simultaneously from customization and automation. Accuracy and efficiency. Strategic guidance and effective execution. We are helping to improve the experience of accessing high-quality health care while also helping to reduce costs.

Health Plan Management

We administer custom health plan designs, with deep network discounts, claims adjudication, health management, and superior client service.

Health & Disease Management

Our services help empower and support members in their health decisions, while helping to address potential risks in member populations.

Consumer-Directed Health

Our programs help control rising health care costs and encourage health plan members to take a more active role in their health care decisions.

Claims Management

Our sophisticated system helps improve first-pass rates, which helps to improve consistency, reduce human error, and expedite provider payment.

Intelligent Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports that measure plan performance and can help identify cost drivers.

White Label Tools

We’ll help put the resources your clients and members need in their hands and give you all the credit.

New World Programs

We help develop innovative programs, including new cost-saving strategies and more insightful resources.

Niche Market Expertise

We bring expertise in a variety of vertical markets, including unions, hospital and health systems, correctional facilities, and government.

Connecting tomorrow with today

Managing connectivity is critical, especially in the business process outsourcing world. Our proprietary LEAP Technology enables the exchange of data between different systems to help improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy to ultimately reduce costs.

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Connectivity with insurers

AmeriHealth Administrators has the expertise, experience, and proprietary connectivity necessary to support transactions between the oldest association of independent insurers.

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Unique Support for unique populations

Unique populations such as unions, Taft-Hartley plans, governments, health systems, and correctional facilities require unique support. And AmeriHealth Administrators has the expertise to help deliver it.

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The future of customer service is here

Success for customer service in the health care industry is often measured by the brevity of the call. At AmeriHealth Administrators, our customer experience advocates are measured by one thing: How helpful they are.

Compliance Updates 

Staying on top of the latest news is a key to remaining competitive and compliant. That’s why we help make it easy for clients to stay up to date on compliance information.

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