Bringing different sectors of health care together.

Heath Care Reform, regulatory mandates, health benefit plan design innovations, and rising consumer expectations require the health care industry to embrace new technologies. But many struggle with closed, mainframe environments, and outmoded processes that make it difficult to keep up. That's where our technology comes in.

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Under The Hood

At AmeriHealth Administrators, we built our own approach to health care technology. We chose HealthEdge’s® HealthRules® with its natural language and rules-based engine to help enable lightning-fast configurations and reconfigurations. This became the anchor of our LEAP Technology. We then wrapped HealthRules in our own proprietary service layer, including both software and infrastructure. We added the latest Microsoft® technologies, such as .NET framework and BizTalk®.

LEAP Technology not only helps facilitate communication between systems, but also uses its intelligence to present information to people in easy-to-use tools. We adopted a new client-centric support model that places more emphasis on education, consultation, and innovation. Together, this combination of people, process, and technology is what makes AmeriHealth Administrators’ LEAP Technology so powerful.

HealthEdge and HealthRules are registered trademarks of HealthEdge Software, Inc.

Microsoft and BizTalk are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Scalability & Flexibility

Designed to serve clients across the health care sector by helping them to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Complex Plan Designs

Creates the framework for fast prototyping, evolutionary development, constant improvement, and rapid response to regulatory reforms.

Superior Client Experience

AmeriHealth Administrators’ teams of experts leverage online capabilities to help solve our customers’ challenges.

Easy Data Exchange

Assimilates information from multiple sources or platforms (internal and external) to create smart, efficient workflow.

Centralized Data Warehouse

Allows for single-source information across the enterprise.


Connectivity with large insurers

AmeriHealth Administrators’ LEAP Technology supports the proprietary connectivity to support transactions between the largest association of independent health insurers, giving us the ability to access and exchange information between the plans nationwide.

And our history of providing processing for this specialized group of large health insurers gives us the experience and capabilities we need to support a full range of front- and back-office functions.

Electronic Data Interchange Services

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient method for clients to report new enrollment information and eligibility updates to AmeriHealth Administrators. This method assures more timely access to up-to-date eligibility information, available through our secure employer website.

The future of customer service
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Success for customer service in the health care industry is often measured by the brevity of the call.
At AmeriHealth Administrators, our customer experience advocates are measured by one thing: How helpful they are.

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Online access

AmeriHealth Administrators also offers members of self-funded health plans their own easily accessible secure website, where they can receive personalized information, including their eligibility and plan information, health resources, claims, and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.

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AmeriHealth Administrators’ secure employer website is a plan sponsor’s hub. It’s where you can view and manage content specific to your health plan, such as reports, benefits, eligibility, and claim information. Find network providers and more.

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